After submitting the proposal I was away to celebrate the Easter. Finally on Monday I started working towards the project.  Therefore yet noting much has done.

But I have parsed subjects from the Archive page and get them into an array. A simple PHP code written by me. I decided not to use a library to parse HTML in the Archive page. The reason is there are not much efficient with the requirements. So I think writing one would be easy and we can obtain high efficiency.

My plan is to extract data from the archive page parsing them, the final output would be an array with subject, name and link. On the archive page there is no data will be displayed about the date and time the email has been sent. To get those data we need to dig into the mail.

My mentor noted me that using the .txt file would be easy rather than parsing the archive page. But I ll write the simple code first and generate the array. T

Hopefully I ll finish it today and will move to parsing the .txt file on Tuesday.

Following is the var_dump of the array, I got with the subject only.

array(36) { [0]=> string(65) "[Important Notice] Regarding students application submission
" [1]=> string(27) "[Proposal Need Review]
" [2]=> string(16) "my proposal
" [3]=> string(67) "GSoC 2012 - Idea Page is freeze - 27 Ideas, under 8 categories
" [4]=> string(14) "GSOC Help
" [5]=> string(60) "Registered mentors join with summer-coding-discuss list
" [6]=> string(79) "GSoC : Integrate Proxy Settings and Network Connections(Locations) project
" [7]=> string(21) "Project Proposal
" [8]=> string(27) "GSoC: Insight Projects
" [9]=> string(84) "Fwd: GSoC : Integrate Proxy Settings and Network Connections(Locations) project
" [10]=> string(21) "updated proposal
" [11]=> string(41) "[GSoC Proposal] Java API/ABI Checker
" [12]=> string(39) "Proposal: Java API changes checker
" [13]=> string(42) "Mentors - start commenting in Melange
" [14]=> string(25) "about google melange
" [15]=> string(46) "Proposal : Insight Use Cases for Calendar
" [16]=> string(45) "Comments/ Feedback on Students proposals
" [17]=> string(43) "Fedora JBoss spin proposal application
" [18]=> string(50) "GSoC Proposal: Fedora On-Demand Build Service
" [19]=> string(73) "Public Comment for students - Proposal submissions on google-melange
" [20]=> string(26) "GSoC proposal: Dorrie
" [21]=> string(42) "GSOC 2012 Proposal: JBoss Fedora Spin
" [22]=> string(36) "GSOC intoduction of my proposal
" [23]=> string(39) "web hosting control panel project.
" [24]=> string(89) "GSoC proposal on Integrate Proxy Settings and Network Connections(Locations) by Thom
" [25]=> string(47) "GSoC2012: Proposal On OnDemandBuildService
" [26]=> string(47) "Student proposal submission - one day left
" [27]=> string(39) "New submission of proposal in GSoC
" [28]=> string(43) "summer-coding Digest, Vol 12, Issue 11
" [29]=> string(63) "Timelines [was:Re: summer-coding Digest, Vol 12, Issue 11]
" [30]=> string(9) "GSOC
" [31]=> string(51) "Students proposal submission has been closed !
" [32]=> string(25) "Submission wiki link
" [33]=> string(46) "Proposal submission is over, what is next
" [34]=> string(41) "Gsoc 2012 Fedora Audio Spin Proposal
" [35]=> string(43) "Fedora Audio Spin - GSoC 2012 Proposal
" }